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We help our clients design, plan, and deliver success for their most important audiences – their company or their clients. Through comprehensive solutions including strategy, creative, logistics, digital solutions, and managed technology, Wheeler Management Group helps build strategy, process and drive business results. What makes us different is our collaborative culture, intuitive knowledge, global perspective and personalized approach, gained from over 30 years in IT and business.

Writing Services

The amount of information an organization needs to generate can be staggering, here is how we help…

ERP Documentation

We have worked closely with client subject matter experts as well as our in-house SMEs to capture…

Training Services

We create value for you by tailoring your training to your specific business and compliance needs including…

our capabilities
our clients
our client success stories
Virtual Consulting

We work remotely

If anything the COVID pandemic has taught everyone is the ability to communicate and work virtually. We are proud to say we have worked virtually for over 17 years, so we know the ins and outs of distributed teams and meetings. Let us show you how to pivot appropriate parts of your business to online platforms for efficiency and cost-savings.

virtual consulting

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