4 Rules You Need to Know When You Start Your Business in 2024

4 rules you need to know when you start a business

Excited about starting a business of your own? Here are 4 rules to get you started and keep you going.

“Be your own boss.”  “Live the Laptop Lifestyle.”  You have probably heard these mantras from internet and late night gurus selling their unique system.  While you DO need a system, it does not have to be expensive.  What is your superpower?  Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit?  Do you want to start your own business and be your own boss?  You will work harder for yourself when you work for someone else.  Does this turn you off?  If the answer is no, you must have a “why” making you realize you can do better than your current circumstances. 

The day you decide, you are halfway there.

“It all began with a mouse.” 

Walt Disney

Creating that mouse was a conscious decision.  Look at the Disney empire today, Disney merchandise is in almost every major store, the choices for family entertainment are seemingly endless.  Today the Disney brand is a household name.  Remember it started out with Walt having a single idea, making a choice and then acting upon it.

Have you listened to every motivational seminar and book you can get your hands on?

Good!  The best single quality that sets successful business owners ahead of the rest is a winning attitude.  Henry Ford said, “If think you can do a thing or you can think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”  Successful people are inherently optimistic.  There will be plenty of people that will tell you that you can’t do something, avoid those people and certainly don’t engage in negative conversations.  Those people are not necessarily setting out to help you fail; they are just looking through their own limiting perspectives.  There are countless examples of people who have started out with nothing and made a very comfortable life for themselves so there is no reason why you should settle either.  There is an expression about complaining, 80% just does not care and 20% are glad you have problems.  Avoid complaining, it really won’t do anything except sap your energy for what is important.  Surround yourself with positive people.  You don’t have to share everything, but the positive energy is vital to staying motivated.

So where do you start?

You may be thinking that you have little in terms of resources, but you need to start where you are and keep making progress where you want to be.  You may say, “I know I need to do something but have no idea what to do.”  You do not have to spend every hard-earned dollar to bankroll a business, but you do need seed money.  There are things you will have to spend money and there are ways to save money.  Check out my article 10 FREE Apps Every Business Startup Needs. Before you go headlong into some late-night system, consider the following the rules:

Rule #1: Don’t saw off the branch you are sitting on. 

If you ignore everything else in this article, heed this rule: Do NOT quit your current source of income until you have something to replace it.  In my personal experience, I left a well-paying job (that had a shaky future) then started a business with zero clients on day one.  Looking back, that was actually quite stupid.  I should have ramped up the business part time before leaping off.  I did have some money saved up to float us for a short time.  However, within 60 days, we had 53 clients and within 6 months, we had five employees and had to stop marketing as we struggled keep up with the demand from referral business.  In short, luck showed up because I worked so hard.

Rule #2: Be open to new ideas. 

Are you short on ideas?  You are actually a fountain of ideas if you get out of your own way.  Take 30 days to commit to write down 2-3 ideas every day.  Consider at the end of the month you will have 60-90 ideas!  Sure, there will be some ideas that are clearly destined for the circular file, but you only need one you can get excited about and will take action on.

Rule #3: Do what you do best. 

You have unique skills and talents that are unique to you.  Regardless of where you are socially, economically or geographically, you have something someone else is willing to pay for.  You may mow lawns on the weekend, saving someone else time and energy who can’t or won’t mow their yard.  Here are 10 low-cost businesses you can start while working full-time:

  1. Website Builder: Do you love technology? Love the web? Learn new skills or use skills you already have to build websites for others.Get a hosting account so you can build websites and make money.This would be something you could do in your spare time.
  2. Blog Writer: Everyone is an expert on something. Perhaps you could write a blog that helps other with a subject that you know a lot about. You will just need a website to host your blog and then you can start attracting readers eager to learn your specific skills you are writing about.
  3. Press Release Writer: There are several templates available on the internet that will give you the correct format. You could do public relations for companies by submitting events to social media, calendar websites, TV stations and newspapers and magazine.
  4. Social Media Moderator: Post on social media sites for businesses and respond to questions and comments coming back from readers.
  5. Landscaper: This is something that may be more seasonal, but if you are up to a physical challenge, the cost of startup is minimal and you can start out doing this for friends and neighbors.
  6. Personal Chef for baking or cooking meals: You may have family recipes that you could use to make meals or baked goods for parties. Start these out for friends and neighbors and you could end up making your passion a full-time business.
  7. Errand Runner: The hot new business is running errands for people. Personal shopping is nothing new, but it has gotten the attention of everyone. From getting and delivering groceries to food from restaurants to transporting documents for professional offices, there is a lot of opportunity now.
  8. Event Planner: Everyone likes a party! Some basic project management skills for event planning can found online through free classes. Maybe you have a penchant for parties, so why not make a business out of it.
  9. Online Store Owner: Do you love making crafts or jewelry? Put those skills to work! Open an online store. You could literally have the world as your showcase for the products you make.
  10. Bookkeeper: Are you good with numbers? Many businesses need help with bookkeeping and if you have a background in bookkeeping or accounting, seek out customers that need your talent and are willing to pay for it. Get accounting software like FreeAccounting on your website and then work anywhere.

Rule #4: Get a plan and DON’T GIVE UP.  

This is absolutely the most important rule.  We can help you get started with several free tools and training opportunities to get you started.  Consider having several products and services eventually, but you only need one to get started. Contact us today to get started with one of our affordable plans to help you get your business started ( or get to the next level). What are you waiting for? Start NOW! Need help? Call (904) 468-7659 or email bill@williamrwheeler.com to see how we can get your started today!

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