Are there disconnects in your business?

are there disconnects in your business?

Breakdowns in communications and misunderstandings are easily fixed

We get it, you are busy, but you just don’t understand why “they” don’t get it. Poor communication can cost you a lot more than just lost time, it can impact productivity, motivation and even cause quality talent to leave. Let’s take action today to clear the air, get a plan and get everyone pulling on the same end of the rope.

So what do you do?

Focus on how the message is being delivered and what the message actually says. Is it clear or ambiguous? Typically, there are three areas that create the biggest pain points:

  • Time Pressures ~ The most common mistake is just batting out poorly crafted communications that leave details out or too much latitude for misinterpretation. This is just as true for a SOP as it is for a quick email. Setting standards and crafting better communications for policies, documentation, procedures marketing materials and auditing will save exponential time downstream.
  • Differing Communication Styles ~ Are we guilty of not being attune to our audience (e.g. we are talking over their heads or using too much jargon and expecting them to know what we are saying). It might be English, but it could be a foreign language to them. Just because we know something doesn’t guarantee anyone else will. This is just as true for our employees as our customers.
  • Unclear boundaries ~ Who is expected to do what? While this may sound simple, without clearly defined roles and responsibilities, duties and boundaries can get blurred. Don’t have clear, written policies and procedures? You can’t be mad at the employee for not having a system in place when something goes wrong.

When everyone is clear about things, trust and efficiency are built.

Focusing on raising communication standards and the employee’s need to have clear, concise information is just as valuable as strategic information is to the boardroom. Getting a plan and setting standards to elevate clear lines of communication and feedback benefits everyone. Let’s clear those lines starting today. Give us a call, we’re here to help.

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We can help you with your training and development needs. With over 13 years developing courses for companies and universities, we know adult learning strategies that work.

Here are a few courses you can use right away (and we can custom brand them or add company-specific policies to the content). Call us today for a demo.

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It Stops Now: Ending Workplace Harassment

Companies need to ensure every single employee knows what is appropriate workplace behavior. NEW! This course also covers cyberbullying and virtual meeting and communication etiquette.

ensuring remote worker productivity

Ensuring Effective Remote Worker Productivity

Millions of workers are now working from home. This course shows them how to maintain & elevate productivity, mitigate distractions and engage with the team while still exercising self-care.

effectively managing a remote workforce course

Effectively Managing A Remote Workforce

Managing a team is challenging, effectively managing a distributed team requires additional skills. This course equips the manager with tools to keep teammembers productive and engaged.

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