When you think of a company’s brand, what come to mind? The Nike Swoosh, the Golden Arches, the red can of Coco-Cola? This didn’t happen overnight and wasn’t an accident. Creating a consistent brand…the look and feel of your corporate image says a lot about who you represent and what is the overall culture of a company.

Let’s take this a little deeper. Would you trust a bank that had hand-written crayon as a logo? It’s doubtful you would. What would you think of a party store that had a graphic of chiseled letters on black granite? Not much fun, right? How your brand conveys emotion, color and style says a lot about the company behind it. This also applies to your personal brand.

The company brand should be professionally done and characteristic of the type of product and service it provides. While there are exceptions, keep in mind these are exceptions, something atypical may not work for you. This is not to say you can’t be creative, but always be purposeful.

Let’s devise a strategy to create the right image in your perfect customer’s mind. This applies to every customer-facing asset you put out, from brochures, your website, even down to your email signature. Everything should be consistent and leave no room for doubt who it came from.

Here are some examples of our effective client work:


MindLinks Golf logo

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