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This is where it begins.

Business and Marketing

Here are several articles that delve into topics you are probably struggling with. Find the answers to put to work right away.

5 easy ways to make money with your website
5 easy ways to make money with your website now

Think making money on the web is difficult or requires special skills? Here are five quick ways to a…

work anywhere, anytime
Be Remote Minded: Live Better and Work Anywhere

Do you want to work remotely on your terms, unshackled by the office environment?  In short, be…

get a plan for positive change
Get a plan for positive change

Are you struggling to get to the next level? In other words, are you running processes, or are they …

five ways to automate your life now
Five ways to automate your life now

If you want more time you have to simplify your life, here are five easy ways Wanting to simplify yo…

create a strong mind and a stronger business
Create a strong mind and a stronger business

There is more to business than just setting goals and accomplishing tasks. The entrepreneur mindset …

busyness is not business
Get Productive: Busyness is not Business

Are you productive or just busy? Follow these tips to be more effective. Everyone wants to be succes…

10 ways to handle "no"
Top Ten Ways To Handle “No”

“No,” is the most dreaded word in sales. Evaluate how you respond to “no” for better results. We all…

Build your power team
Build Your Power Team for Success

You have a great idea. You finally make the decision to start your business. The dilemma is that you…

here are 3 types of customers you need in 2023
Here are Three Types of Customers You Need

Every customer has different needs and comfort levels. Be there to help, not sell and you will attra…

4 rules you need to know when you start a business
4 Rules You Need to Know When You Start Your Business in 2024

Excited about starting a business of your own? Here are 4 rules to get you started and keep you goin…

10 free ways to market your business in 2023
10 FREE ways to market your business in 2023

Think you don’t have a budget to market your business? Here are 10 FREE ways to get your busin…

create a buzz for your business
Create a buzz for your business

Ready to get the most out of your marketing messages? Here are some quick ideas to implement today. …

this is where it begins
This is where it begins

Get inspired, get ideas, and get started on a new life. Success is waiting for you to show up and cr…

get referrals quickly and easily
Build Referrals Quickly And Easily

Word of mouth can be far more effective than anything you could pay for. Here are some tips to make …

are there disconnects in your business?
Are there disconnects in your business?

Breakdowns in communications and misunderstandings are easily fixed We get it, you are busy, but you…

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