Let’s check off your bucket list items together

let's check off those bucket list items together

Everyone should have a bucket list. The bucket list is everything you want to do or see or experience or accomplish in your lifetime (As per the “Bucket” List movie, everything you want to do or be before you kick the bucket). This is something that I add too and check often. This week, I am challenging everyone to:

The Five Easy Steps to Accomplishing Everything

  1. Write down at least 10 things you want to do in your lifetime (100 items would be better!). These can be anything that you have always dreamed of seeing, doing or accomplishing.
  2. Pick 4 or 5 items. Some will be harder, some will be easier that you honestly feel you can accomplish in the next year. Pick the ones that would create the most value for you and ones you can really internalize and get motivated about doing.
  3. Take 10 minutes and put a date to them. If there isn’t a deadline, these will only be “someday” and we all know “someday” never gets here.
  4. Write down 1 thing that you can accomplish THIS WEEK that will put you closer to achieving these goals. If it is visiting someplace, contact us to see what it would cost. If you need to learn a new skill, contact a college or technical school to find out what the cost and time commitment will be (Notice these do not cost anything, so there is no excuse).
  5. Find an accountability partner. It can be a significant other, a friend, a colleague, but it has to be someone who to check in with on a regular basis. It is better if they have goals they are working on (they don’t have to be the same goals) so they can be held accountability for progress, too. This should be fun, not harsh!


So have fun with it and start knocking that checklist down and creating memories. Your scrapbook will thank you! When it becomes important, it will be important. So when would NOW be a good time to start and check off your bucket list items? And want to know the best part? When you check off your bucket list items, you make room for new adventures to tackle!

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William R. Wheeler

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