Create a buzz for your business

create a buzz for your business

Ready to get the most out of your marketing messages? Here are some quick ideas to implement today.

Do you know you want to get your message out effectively, but don’t know where to start? How many products or services does your business provide? Most businesses provide several product choices or services. What is your specialty or what is your most popular product or service? Capitalize on it and create a buzz in your advertising.

So where do I start?

First, choose one product or service to focus on each month or quarter. Create a special for each month or quarter highlighting that one service. Sometimes, we have so many products and services to choose from it can be overwhelming for you to get the word out about ALL of your products and services. It can get confusing or overwhelming to the customer as well.

Create a schedule to automate it.

Create a calendar or schedule to help you focus and work on a niche or controlled market.

Have fun with it, use a theme for your specials, coupons, give away prizes…be creative! Always be consistent in the look and feel of your branding, but generate interest by having fun and unique ways to catch the consumer’s attention.

For instance, in the winter, how can you theme your product or service around the season? Next, think about how you can set yourself apart from other advertisers by showing how your product or service can help them during each season, or simply create ads with a holiday or seasonal theme. Finally, make connections that people can visually see.

Be consistent, not boring

Being consistent is very important in your ads; however, being consistent does not mean boring. Consider changing things up a bit. Keep your consistency in the logo and the business tag line. You need some change to keep customers attention, if you run the same ad repeatedly they will end up ignoring it. Just mind your brand by using your consistent logo, etc to give them the repetition and recognition they need to remember you.

Think social

This definitely should carry over to your social media as well. Your social media channels demands frequent content. When you are happy with the content, then test your content in your social media. At this point add links to your website as part of your call to action then track inbound traffic. Lastly, check the engagement; this is a measure to see if your message is working. Your higher number of “likes,” “shares,” and comments will quickly let you know if you are hitting the target. All these measures are inexpensive ways to monitor success.


Finally, have fun and be creative with your advertising to set you apart from the competition. Start today, this will create the buzz you need for your business.

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