Do You Have The Right Tools For Your Business?

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Are you so busy you don’t know if you are on track? Take a step back and really examine if you setting yourself up for success with the right tools.

There is an old cliché that states, “If you are a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail.” While this is trite, businesses often relied on tried and true methods even when the fabric of the business environment has changed. This is not to say that everything has to be thrown out, quite the contrary, but we have to objectively look at what works and what doesn’t. Then and only then we have to decide if change makes sense.

Does it pay for itself?

Determine if there is a return on investment (ROI) for the changes we make. In other words, if we move forward with the cost of change, would it pay for itself? How do we define if it pays for itself or not? This is sometimes difficult because not all ROI is tangible, there is a human factor that has to be considered. It’s time for considering new choices in the toolbox. As part of your toolbox, we have several solutions making your business life easier.

Website/Social Channels

Make sure your web presence can be properly seen across mobile devices, too.

Twenty years ago, you were not considered a legitimate business if you couldn’t pull a business card out of your pocket. Today, you need a business card, a website and a host of social media channels to compete in the marketplace. The three components to a website is a domain name, the files and graphics that make up your website design/information and the hosting service (the internet-connected server that stores your website files and directs the domain name to the right files). We have several affordable hosting plans for every business need. Coupled with various social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) you develop a sense of community with prospects and clients.


The most basic business tool. Do you have a “free” email address? What does that say about your company? Wouldn’t it have a higher perceived value if your email address ended in the same domain name as your website? It is easier for customers to remember and reach out to you. This is actually a simple task to do, yet so many do not do it. Call me, I can easily help you here. We have several affordable hosting plans to consolidate applications and processes still run on familiar programs and devices that you already have.

Automate, don’t complicate

This should be easy-to-use and not leaving you banging your head on the wall (like a hammer). Check out our affordable packages above to get the size plan you need, whether you are just starting out or are looking to expand your business. Then we can help you with personalized auto-responders to engage, qualify and respond to potential and existing customers as well.

Content Management Systems

The level of expected technology has grown exponentially even in the last 10 years. Everyone wants to design websites (we do, too), but the bigger challenge is ongoing maintenance of your internet presence without a huge time and money commitment. The days of the basic 5-page HTML static website are gone. Being experts in several Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, and more you don’t have to manage multiple consultants to get the job done.

I don’t have time for all of this…

You are busy doing everything to run your operation, you shouldn’t be in the “web business.” Technology is our specialty, let us offload that burden to free you up for more profitable activities that focuses your specialty. We have the tools to help you with this, Each of our hosting packages come preinstalled with your choice of either WordPress or Joomla so you can get your web presence up and running quickly. Already have a website? We can help you with ongoing maintenance or migration to our servers.

I am not technical, how do I compete?

Internet users are seeking deeper experiences and levels of information. If SEO, SEM, PHP, and PPC are just alphabet soup to you, just call us. You shouldn’t have to be an auto mechanic to just drive a car. When you need help, that’s where we step in.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

How do you acquire, cultivate and manage your clients? Most businesses need some tools that provides tracking of leads through fulfillment and seeking additional opportunities to work with your hard-earned clients. It is important to know which clients are profitable and which ones actually cost you money. Reporting on performance, cost of acquisition and profitability are vital metrics that every business needs. Both our Business Builder and Business Expander web hosting packages comes with a world-class CRM package, just ask about the details.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

You have training needs. Every time you onboard a new employee, there are certain policies, procedures and corporate culture points that have to be covered. There are also compliance, technical and regulatory training that has to be conducted. You may have “on-the-job” training, but is it consistent? Can you say you have effective, consistent delivery and then your employees demonstrate mastery? How will you know the student is successful or not and document their progress?

Having a framework that houses your courses (which we can help develop) or integrate your existing courses into a portal that will give you the management reporting you desperately need. We help you with product selection, installation, integration and course development for your specific needs. My expertise in several open source and commercial products such as Blackboard, Canvas, eCollege, Moodle ensures your success. Ask about affordable consulting and product selection.

Training and Course Development

Don’t have enough time and staff to meet your training needs? I get it, everyone is very busy. Then allow me to provide you with on-site instructors or help you with training the trainers. Not satisfied with off the shelf products and courses? It is easy to take existing content and brand it to your corporate standards.

Lets talk about your next training initiative to get you where you want and need to be. If you are looking for deep experience in metrics and competency-based training, give me a call today or see some of my work here. Let’s schedule a time to present several samples that are a very cost-effective solution to meet your business and regulatory requirements.

Just starting out? Not on the web yet? Let’s start with getting you on the web today.

Our solutions are not just cookie cutter products, like some companies. We listen to your needs. We solve your problem, not just sell you a one-size-fits-all product. You have specific needs and a specific budget. Let’s talk about the right tools at the right price can do for your business.

Partner with an experienced, professional team to address your specific needs, not just there to sell you what they have. You want partners that are long term and have deep experience in all of these areas, not someone that is learning as they go. Check out the Three Types of Customer Models article to see how I adapt to meeting your requirements. Seek specific skills that are foundational and core to what you need. You want a team that has all the tools in the toolbox and knows which is the right tool for the right job at the right time.

Our clients trust us, why shouldn't you?

These are just a few of the companies that have trusted us to get them world-class results. We’ve worked long and hard to gain the trust of companies like these, let us show how hard we work for you and your goals. Call (904) 468-7659 today.

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