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from your rough draft to final SOPs to videos to on-demand online courses
From your rough draft to final SOPs to training videos and on-demand online courses

Wheeler Management Group has been truly fortunate to work with some of the countries leading manufacturers and aiding them with world-class Epicor SOP documentation and training videos. We have worked closely with client subject matter experts as well as our in-house SMEs to capture current processes, identify gaps and generate standardized procedures. The end result is a complete business-specific document set, training videos and on-demand online courses that are easy to follow and demonstrate mastery.

Transitioning to a new system?

Moving to a new ERP can be daunting, we get it, have been there. Your workforce is used to doing things a certain way. We help you document your current processes and then map those processes to how things are done in Epicor. Some things will be very similar, other topics may be a new experience in look and feel, terminology and process. We help you bridge those gaps for a smooth transition.

Just-in-time end user training is vital to implementation success. We deliver world-class documentation, SOPs, videos and on-demand online courses to your staff. We offer a branded Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver courses on your workforce’s schedule, minimizing downtime for training. Our topic-specific guides walks through complex topics with easy-to-understand procedures with clear visuals to pave the way to demonstrated mastery.

Terminology, Concepts and Context

With over 2 decades of adult learning experience, we know the shortest path from exploration to demonstrating mastery, even with complex topics like ERP, CMS, MRP and other mission-critical systems. Our documentation not only follows the “show me” step-by-step procedures, but also provides the “why” and context of how things are done for deeper understanding. This goes way beyond the online help and older Epicor courses that were once available. We also walk through all procedures to ensure every step works in your specific instance, even with custom configurations.

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Custom Branding

We create documents, videos and on-demand online courses with your branding using your corporate style guide. This provides a consistent message to your workforce, reducing barriers to acceptance. This includes incorporating screens from your instance (even custom dashboards and reports), so your employees see beforehand what they will expect when entering information on their own.

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Sample documentation: Click the image to see the full document.

We can provide multi-lingual support for your documentation needs:

All Functional Areas Are Covered

We can develop the right training guides, based on the Epicor core modules you currently license like General Ledger and Accounts Receivable, but also Asset Management, CRM, Multisite and others.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable

Asset Management

Currency Management

Customer Relationship Management

Engineering Management

Financial Management

General Ledger

Inventory Management

Invoice Management

Material Management


Production Management

Project Management

Quote Management


RMA Processing

Sales Management

Warehouse Management

. . . And Much More

We are also your partner for SOX, COBIT, and PCI compliance documentation.

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Please Note: Our documentation and videos are intended to augment and customize your procedure set to your business-specific requirements. This is not intended to replace any Epicor materials, online help or Epicor-provided training. Coupled with Epicor furnished materials, our documentation provides a robust and visual set of company-ordained procedures to give your workforce a more consistent way of doing things. Wheeler Management Group, LLC is not affiliated with Epicor Software, Inc, nor endorsed in any way. Our qualifications rest on our years of experience in adult learning, documentation and online course development experience.