Printed Materials

Even in the virtual world today, there are still many occasions where print collateral is still a viable means of communication. Additionally, printed pieces can also complement the marketing mix by running parallel to easy-to-download digital assets for the customer on any device.

Brochures and Flyers

We have decades of brochure design, content development and printing experience, using the latest trends, coupled with the experience of what works and what doesn’t. While this doesn’t represent a complete list, you can see the quality and request examples from your industry.

Upscale Event Productions

Promotional Brochure

This brochure focused on marketing to non-profit organizations for fundraising. This also showcased the online event capabilities allowing for a wider audience, even in the post-COVID world.

Brown Jordan, Inc.

Quick Reference Guide

Brown Jordan is an upscale outdoor furniture company. This brochure was a quick reference guide developed to aid training of their new SAP Concur expense application.

Jaguar Car Club of North Florida

Sponsor & Awareness Brochure

Supporting the annual Concours d’Elegance car show, this brochure was developed to help promote attendance and sponsorship of the nationally judged event. The event’s proceeds wen to Shriner’s Hospital.

Jaguar Car Club of North Florida

Promotional Flyer/Mailer

This flyer was a parallel piece to the brochure on the right. This was targeted to attendees and potential Concours d’Elegance entrants to this nationally judged show.

Business Cards

Business cards are still an important way to stay top of mind with leads, prospects, and ultimately, customers. If you toss your current business card onto a pile of other business cards, does yours stand out, or does it blend in. Ask us how we can make your brand rise above the rest.

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