Build Referrals Quickly And Easily

get referrals quickly and easily

Word of mouth can be far more effective than anything you could pay for. Here are some tips to make referrals flow to you.

Your reputation is worth more than anything. Period. If you can create fans out of your customers, your world will change. When someone refers someone to you, they are confident in your ability and customer service. Keep in mind they are staking their reputation on your history with them. Here are several ways to turn customers into your own private sales force without them even knowing!

Make them happy

While this seems obvious, this isn’t always strive to not just make them happy, but delight them! Go the extra mile to make your current customers glad they chose you. If you give your customers great service and attention, they will refer you. Treat them like you would want to be treated with honesty and integrity which will build the trust and an ongoing relationship for future sales.

Don’t be bashful, when you know you have done an outstanding job, ask them who could use your productions and services.

Surprise your clients

From time to time, through in a little something extra. Show you care even if it’s a free pen or mug, or a box of doughnuts. People like surprises and they will refer others because of that extra care you give. It’s doesn’t have to be expensive, we are showing gratitude, not trying to “buy” a customer.

Keep your word

If you say that you are going to deliver your product or service at a specific time, then do it. Even better, do it sooner than you said you would. Don’t over-promise, keep realistic delivery times. Give yourself a reasonable cushion of time, then try to deliver earlier than you promised. It is a nice surprise and your customer will know they can rely on you to deliver.

Remind your current customers of other services

You need to remind the public and current customers what you offer and how it benefits them. Send current customers a monthly newsletter, or a quick email sharing how you solved a problem for another customer. This is especially effective if you have a product or service your current customer is not using or maybe doesn’t even know you provide.

Share your knowledge

This is something that won’t cost you anything, but the return will be great! The simple fact that you are willing to build a relationship and share your knowledge will gain trust and ultimately gain referrals. Be a resource! If you have some good free help you can give them, it will go a long way. This is not to suggest you do everything for free, but a single suggestion can go a long way to opening the door for a longer conversation (and conversion).

Make referrals easy and accessible

You can create a packet of information, brochures, business cards, questionnaires, etc. to give to your customers, so that when they have someone to refer to you they have all of your information handy. Maybe add a link to subscribe or a form for people to fill out on your website that makes referrals easy and accessible. Give them an incentive by giving a discount on a product or service if they refer so many leads that convert to customers.

Offer Free Workshops

Maybe take one of your areas of expertise and teach your customers how to use that product or service. This is a sure fire way to help your current customers and gain new ones. Have the current customers invite someone to attend and give them a little gift for bringing someone.

There are so many ways to have inbound traffic you don’t have to earn. These are just a few ways to build your referrals and build your business.

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