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The best part is getting to work for a variety of clients, both in the corporate and academic worlds.

This gives a broad experience that one doesn’t typically get when living in one or the other.

Sample Course Module  

Sample Course Module

Meet Bert, our project manager who tries hard to keep his crew informed and safe.

Presented here are 5 introductory screens for a safety class, this will launch in a new window.

(No audio is included in this sample).



Sample Hands-on Course Module

Here is a course module that instructs the student on Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere, all in one lab!



Sample Lecture

This was a course module for a new online course about the graphics industry. This includes course home page, an introduction and a lecture with a basic infographic.



Sample Lab

This lab is a step-by-step procedure for beginning students to get a hands-on introduction to software tools.



Sample Video Script

This is a script written for a video to appear inside of a lecture.



Sample Video Script Presentation

Associated MS PowerPoint presentation to accompany the Sample Video Script above (Please be patient, this will download and start MS PowerPoint for you to see the presentation).



Sample Interactive/Web Animation and Print Design Samples

Here you will find several examples of animation, logo design and other print design examples.


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