Get Productive: Busyness is not Business

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Are you productive or just busy? Follow these tips to be more effective. Everyone wants to be successful and this really isn’t hard. All you have to do focus on what works and start getting rid of what doesn’t. Sounds simple doesn’t it? If someone truly wants to reach their goals, there needs to be a clear understanding how to get productive, busyness is not business. We all have mindless habits that we hang onto year after year. Now is … Continue reading “Get Productive: Busyness is not Business”

Top Ten Ways To Handle “No”

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“No,” is the most dreaded word in sales. Evaluate how you respond to “no” for better results. We all have objectives that we are trying to meet. These can be professional or personal goals. We can meet challenges that can validate our resolve to meet these objectives. How we respond certainly makes a difference on immediate and future outcomes. Here are a few things that we must understand and face when encountering inevitable objections. 10 Ways to handle “No” Summary … Continue reading “Top Ten Ways To Handle “No””

ERP Training Videos

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Here are some sample Epicor ERP training videos created for clients to train their workforce on the Epicor 10 ERP. Coupled with written step-by-step documentation (see a sample here) we take your workforce from exploration to demonstrating mastery in their roles. We provide company-branded materials to include policy and procedure documentation, COBIT, PCI and compliance documentation as well as employee communications. Ask us about Oracle, SAP and other ERP systems. Please Note: These sample videos do not contain audio. Epicor … Continue reading “ERP Training Videos”