Learn from the past, prepare for the future

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You have what you need now, other things will come as you go along. Start where you are, you don’t have to wait for the perfect time. Do you think that companies like Coca-Cola, IBM, General Motors and Nike got to where they are by waiting for the perfect time? There is never a perfect time. You need to start where you are and with what you have. Perhaps this sounds a little in your face, but there are several … Continue reading “Learn from the past, prepare for the future”

Build Referrals Quickly And Easily

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Word of mouth can be far more effective than anything you could pay for. Here are some tips to make referrals flow to you. Your reputation is worth more than anything. Period. If you can create fans out of your customers, your world will change. When someone refers someone to you, they are confident in your ability and customer service. Keep in mind they are staking their reputation on your history with them. Here are several ways to turn customers … Continue reading “Build Referrals Quickly And Easily”