This is where it begins

this is where it begins

Get inspired, get ideas, and get started on a new life. Success is waiting for you to show up and create the life of your dreams.

You know you want to start a business, but have no idea what it could be. This is actually pretty common. However, it doesn’t have to be hard, either. This road map will allow you to come up with a great idea, test it (without a lot of money) and then put it into practice.

Your new life starts today

First we have to have the right mindset to be open to new things. This week, come up with 5 ideas each day and write them down. Don’t put any value or judgement on them, just write them down. You may get an idea at seemingly unusual times. But sometimes inspiration comes for a reason. Don’t force the issue, just think about your current skills and what you like to do. Don’t focus on what you don’t know or assign judgement. This is important. By the end of the week, you will have 35 ideas! Sure, some will be better than others, and some you may think are really dumb. That’s not the point. Out of 35 ideas, you surely will have 2 or 3 you absolutely believe will work and gets you excited.

Visualize then materialize

Next take these 2 or 3 ideas and visualize doing them every day. Have fun with them, imagine how you will feel doing them and making money doing them. Think how you are helping others while living this new business or career. Hold that image tight in your mind and write down how it feels.

Give it a title, perhaps you want to own an online store, or be an artist or a project manager, whatever it is, write it down. Nothing elaborate, just a paragraph envisioning your in your new life. Write how this helps others and most importantly how this creates greater happiness for you. Perhaps you see more financial freedom, more time with your family, more opportunity to travel or whatever you want to see in your future.

Set the priorities of “why”

It is important to keep in mind, that the goal here is not work for work’s sake, but this is a vehicle to help you reach goals unattainable up until now. Find a photo of someone who is successful and happy in this new role and attach it to your description (I would even recommend putting your photo in this picture somehow to help you envision and feel you actually being there. Make it as real as possible and put it where you will see it every day. When you put emotion into this process you are much more likely to make it a reality. Many call this a vision board, but whatever the term, it is a visual reminder you can see every day to help you stay focused and motivated.

Just decide

Finally, you have to decide that you will do anything and everything to be the person you envisioned in your future state now. Here is the fun part, you get to decide what it is you will be. Your hand is on the throttle, you and you alone. Set healthy boundaries with others if you need to, but always keep your goal in mind and taking little steps are still steps in the right direction. Find a calendar and set a goal and it can be 6 months or whatever you genuinely decide. Whatever the date on the horizon you pick, just work backwards from that date and break it down into steps you would have to accomplish to meet that end date.

If you wanted to be a professional artist, then early steps would be taking an art class, buying art supplies and making time appointments to yourself to draw and paint. Other steps could be visiting art shows and talking to professional artists to see how they got where they are. See what I mean?

Be accountable, but not hard on yourself

This should be a fun process and allow some flexibility in the schedule and try not to over complicate it. Be accountable to yourself. You are in control of your timeline and you are making actionable progress toward your future self. Sometimes something urgent may come up. If things slip a day or two, make a commitment to make up lost time in other parts of your timeline. Try consolidating or just working harder a day or two to get back on track. Just keep seeing your future self in present terms, in other words, you are training your mind to believe it is here and now, not some far off fantasy.

Get paid to learn

Perhaps there is a part-time job you could do to learn more about the new job or career, even if it is only a few hours a week. This will help you understand more about the job while you are getting paid and still have the safety net of your primary income. In effect, you are getting paid to learn new skills you can eventually use in your own business.

Wait…Stop here a second.

Now, one cautionary word here, this is not meant in any way to do any harm to another business kind enough to give you a start. Ethical behavior is paramount in life and particularly here. I am not suggesting you learn from someone then being direct competitors or trying to steal away customers, that would be wrong, but the goal here is to learn as much as you can while someone is willing to teach and pay you at the same time.

Always see the future in the “now state.”

Perhaps it is something completely different from what you are doing. Maybe you currently work in an office, but long for the freedom of being outdoors. Find a job on the weekends or create your own part-time job gardening, landscaping, or giving tours. This is a stepping stone to your full-time career and full-time happiness. Regardless of the end state, find a way to make defined, actionable progress toward your goal. Always see the future goal as already being here and now, the “now state.” Challenges will become trivial, something to just drive around effortlessly.

Let me help you get there

If you need help with this process, please contact me today to see how we can work together to craft your dreams and take actionable steps to make it a reality. I can help you get your business off the ground with actionable steps and guidance. Let’s create a roadmap to get you where you want to be.

Let’s make today your first day of your new, wonderful life.

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