Here are Three Types of Customers You Need

here are 3 types of customers you need in 2023

Every customer has different needs and comfort levels. Be there to help, not sell and you will attract and keep customers.

What works best for you?

Many businesses and vendors sell every possible combination of “things.” Sadly, few think how they work with that customer long-term. Over the years, we have given this a lot of thought by working with clients with horizon-wide needs, personalities and modes of operations. Ultimately the deciding factor is the customer’s needs at any given time. Over the years we have developed our Three Customer Models and wanted to share three customer types you need now:

Here are three types of customers you need now to grow and thrive:

1.”Complete Do-It-Yourselfers”

The first of your three types of customers you need, this is our smallest segment of customers (and will probably be your smallest segment, too), where there are resources and budget constraints drive this decision. Provide the setup and framework for more self-reliant businesses or where timeliness dictates instantaneous response. For example law enforcement and child safety organizations.

2.”You Do Some, I Do Some”

Next is the largest segment of our client base. Maybe this will work well in your model. But for us, this is great for maintaining incremental sales. When there are multiple stakeholders and highly collaborative projects, this works well. When you have high-profile, high-impact projects where speed, participation, accountability and transparency are required by all parties, consider this model.

This especially works well for the client who:

  1. has some resources to self-manage and engages us occassionally
  2. have projects or tasks they don’t have the resources or comfort level to perform

We are engaged on an as needed basis and bill accordingly.

3.”You Are The Expert, Please Handle It For Me”

Lastly, in the three types of customers you need, this is our “up and coming” modality for clients. Many times clients have to trust you with small things before they can trust you with big things. Coincidentally, as the working relationship matures, this is the natural transition from the previous two models. Many times a meeting or even a simple email, are sufficient due to the trust that quality work will show up on time and on budget.


We know you know what works best for you. We know that that trust, rapport and confidence is not easily given and is certainly not cultivated overnight. Lastly, I am convinced you will see professionalism, high quality, accountability and integrity at every turn. Contact me today to start working together on your next project.

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